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CORT Committee Application


COVID-19 Outreach Response Team (CORT) is tasked to provide and distribute accessible and accurate COVID-19 related information to the community. The Coalition website was initially developed as the primary platform to achieve this mission. CORT was a grantee of MDH and a current grantee of Ramsey County. CORT has worked with local Hmong businesses to distribute information and floor stickers to remain six feet apart.

An event currently in the works includes partnering with local healthcare systems to provide equitable COVID-19 vaccine opportunities to the community. This may begin as early as mid-March 2021.


Committee Chair

  • Establishes the agenda, meeting, and timeline to meet the committee's mission and vision

  • Directs the meeting

  • Delegates and coordinates tasks

  • Manages the internal affairs of the committee

  • Reports to the Executive Board


Committee Co-Chair

  • Manages the external affairs of the committee including speakers, partners, sponsors, grants, etc.

  • Supports the Committee Chair

  • Reports to Committee Chair


Committee Ledger

  • Keeps track of the finance

  • Maintains the committee's budget

  • Reports directly to the Treasurer

  • Ensures proper reimbursement to the committee


Committee Documenter

  • Documents the committee's meeting minutes

  • Documents the committee's action plans


Committee Task Force

  • Participates in the development and progression of the committee's work


All roles must be present for the committee to commence. An individual may hold more than one role but no more than two roles. Therefore, the quorum is three.

Which role(s) would you like to serve as?

Thanks for submitting!

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