COVID-19 Community Survey

Your contribution will to help us better understand and address the need of the community related to COVID-19.  Please spare some time to take the survey.  Thoroughness is appreciated.  The submission will remain anonymous.

To compensate for your time, you will have the opportunity to be enter into a $100 raffle drawing at the end of the survey with a 1 in 8 chances of winning.
What is your age?
Where do you live?
Do you work in healthcare?
Have you had a positive COVID-19 test before?
Have you received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine?
Was there any hesitation?
Which of the following best describes your attitude(s) towards COVID-19?
How much do you agree with the following COVID-19 statements:
The COVID-19 virus is primarily spread by droplets from the mouth, such as from talking, singing, coughing, and sneezing.
strongly disagreedisagreedon't knowagreestrongly agree
Being indoor spreads the infection more than outdoor due to less ventilation.
strongly disagreedisagreedon't knowagreestrongly agree
Masking, hand washing, and social distancing are effective ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
strongly disagreedisagreedon't knowagreestrongly agree
Proper masking means using masks that (1) stops droplets from crossing through both sides; (2) covers the entire nose and mouth leaving no gaps between the edges of the mask and face; and (3) avoid touching the mask.
strongly disagreedisagreedon't knowagreestrongly agree
COVID-19 has multiple strains with different level of infectivity and severity, so having been infected before doesn't necessarily mean one cannot be infected again.
strongly disagreedisagreedon't knowagreestrongly agree
No matter the risk factors, there is no good predictor of whether one will get mild, moderate, severe, or critical condition if infected with COVID-19.
strongly disagreedisagreedon't knowagreestrongly agree
Problems can still persist for months or longer after the COVID-19 infection, such as memory problems, brain fog, tiredness, inability to smell or taste.
strongly disagreedisagreedon't knowagreestrongly agree
There is still no cure for COVID-19 but we have evolving treatments that have been shown to have survival benefits.
strongly disagreedisagreedon't knowagreestrongly agree
The Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen vaccines have all been shown to dramatically reduce hospitalization and death from COVID-19.
strongly disagreedisagreedon't knowagreestrongly agree
Someone who has been vaccinated against COVID-19 can still contract and spread the virus although may have significantly less severity and transmission rate.
strongly disagreedisagreedon't knowagreestrongly agree
Anaphylaxis (serious allergic reaction), thrombosis (blood clot), and myocarditis (heart inflammation) from the COVID-19 vaccine side-effects are one in several millions.
strongly disagreedisagreedon't knowagreestrongly agree
Anecdotal testimony (claim based observation without validating data) is the least accurate form of evidence.
strongly disagreedisagreedon't knowagreestrongly agree
What is your level of general health awareness and knowledge?
No understandingBelow average understandingAverage understandingAbove average understandingOutstanding comprehension
Where do you get your COVID-19 information?
What makes information credible?
I can speak:
I can read:
In your experience, do you find Hmong health public service announcements to be helpful? (Facebook videos, YouTube videos, posters, interviews, etc)
How concern are you with the current trend of the COVID-19 situation in the Hmong or other underserved communities?
No concernLittle concernSomewhat concernCautiousWorried
What have you struggled with because of the pandemic?
What is the biggest challenge in getting COVID-19 better control in the Hmong community?
What do you think can help overcome this obstacle?
How do you feel about the mask-free policy?
Please comment on anything else COVID-19 related that you feel needs more discussion or a message that you will like to share.
Feel free to download/share the two flyers below for Ramsey county COVID-19 resources and vaccine locations. 
*Click image to download PDF
**Click link to go to corresponding webpage
Ramsey county resources.png
Ramsey county QR vaccine.png
On Friday, July 21, 2021, we will hold the raffle drawings for $100 Visa gift card.  Winners will be contacted within two weeks of the drawings.

The conditions to participate includes:
  • Submit only one survey form per person
  • Complete all the required survey questions
  • Provide content/language appropriate and adequate responses that can contribute to research
  • Submit the contact information below, which will remain separate from the survey form to preserve anonymity 
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