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COVID-19 Outbreak Response Team (CORT)

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, HHCPC recognizes that there are gap areas where health education is needed to provide culturally relevant information to our focus community: the Hmong, refugee and immigrant communities. This team of HHCPC members consists of community leaders, HHCPC members, and government staff. 


Our purpose is to lead culturally responsive public health messages and provide centralized sources of credible and comprehensive health information on COVID-19 via multi-platform approaches to our focus community. In serving this purpose, the Hmong community will be able to access useful and accurate information about COVID-19 to comply with strategies and goals, adhere to medical advice, and de-escalate psychosocial and cultural tensions.


Members of CORT:

Dr. Chameng Vang, D.O.

Soon Chun Vue

Pa Chia Yang

Hlee Yang

Duha Vang

Dr. Jim Lee, D.C.

Zong Xiong

Mary Xiong

Pun Chang

Thunder Vang


Thank you to our sponsors, members, partners, friends, family, and community members for the continued support!

Fiscal Agent: Minnesota Community Care



Minnesota Community Care, Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health, Fairview Health Services MINI Clinics, 279, Planned Parenthood North Central States, MDH - Refugee & Int’ Health, TB, and Sage, Scott County Human Services, Arc Minnesota - GTC, Inc., Community Dental Care, TTL Consulting, Hmong American Partnership, Natalis Psychology, Allina Health, NWHSU, ChiroMe Health and Wellness, U of M ACCESS Project, Health Partners & HP Birth Center, VOA MN, Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, American Heart Association, Project Tshav Ntuj, 10K Families Study, Tobacco Free Alliance, Hmong Breast Feeding Project, 123 Brush Dental,  Make It OK, and all independent community members. 


Monthly Meetings: 

HHCPC meets every first Thursday each month from 2:30PM-4:30PM. Locations of meetings vary from site to site. All we welcome to attend.

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