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Logo Survey

Greetings! This survey is to help determine feedback for the HHCPC (Hmong Health Care Professionals Coalition) logo and name. Please take a few minutes to fill out the questions below. All responses will be confidential and will be considered for future improvements. To compensate for your time, you will have the opportunity to be enter into a $100 raffle drawing at the end of the survey with a 1 in 8 chances of winning.
What comes to mind when you look at the logo above (Top left corner of this page)?
What do you think HHCPC does?
Would you change any colors of this logo? How do they make you feel?
What do you like about this logo?
What do you dislike about this logo?
What are some things that would improve the logo above?
Please choose any of the words that best correspond to the logo above.
Is this logo memorable?
On MMDDYYYY, we will hold raffle drawings for $100 Visa gift card.  Winners will be contacted within two weeks of the drawings.

The conditions to participate includes:
  • Submit only one survey form per person
  • Complete all the required survey questions
  • Provide content/language appropriate and adequate responses that can contribute to research
  • Submit a contact email or phone number below that will remain separate and anonymous from the survey form
Do you want to be enter into the raffle drawing?

Thanks for submitting!

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