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Mentor Application (Mentorship Program)

Mentorship Program

Hmong Health Care Professionals Coalition (HHCPC) is fortunate to be composed of working professionals with rich career experiences as well as aspiring students who are pursuing healthcare and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)-related professions. In addition to our focus on health education and wellbeing in the Hmong community, we are aiming to raise the community in a different way—by starting with our youth. 


It is with great pleasure for HHCPC to introduce our very first mentorship program, a 4 month long program where mentors and college student mentees will have the opportunity to network and connect with the goal of setting mentees up for success.


This program is not limited to the local Minnesota area. Mentor applicants are not limited to those of Hmong descent. This is a volunteer-based position. 

What does success look like for participants and the organization?

  • For the mentors - the gratification of guiding mentees towards their career goals and encouraging self-improvement and growth.

  • For the mentees - having the opportunity to network with mentors in their field of interest, job shadow*, and set attainable short and long term goals. 

  • For HHCPC - preparing the next generation of healthcare and STEM professionals as they plan for postgraduate or professional schools and helping the youth gain insight into healthcare and STEM-related careers. 


*Job shadowing may be limited due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Program Requirements:

  • 4 months of commitment

  • At least one 1-2 hour virtual or in-person meeting with mentee(s) every month 

  • 1 shadowing opportunity, if applicable and if possible (i.e. if mentor works in a clinic/private practice; shadowing may not be possible for mentors who are postgraduate students due to workforce limitations)

Terms and Guidelines for Mentors:

  • Provide guidance and insight into one’s prospective career

  • Help mentees define, understand, and establish short term and long goals

  • Keep an open mind to problem solving by strategizing and/or providing resources that will help mentees reach their goals

  • Be respectful of the needs of the mentees

  • Maintain confidentiality and professionalism at all times

The expectation is for the Coalition and the mentors to create a safe and welcoming environment for mentees to thrive in.

Personal Information:


Employment / Graduate or Professional School Information:

Professional References:

Please provide two references.

Reference #1

Reference #2

What area(s) of healthcare/STEM could you provide mentorship in? 
Check boxes that apply.

Yes/No Questionnaires:

Note: Answers to the following Yes/No questions will not impact your application acceptance.

1. Would you be willing to mentor more than one mentee?

2. Will you be able to provide at least one shadowing opportunity for your mentee(s)?

Tell Us About Yourself:


4. What is your objective in participating as a mentor in this program?

5. Please provide a brief bio (150 word max and written in third-person).


This will be posted on our mentorship page upon acceptance. Feel free to include your hobbies or any interesting facts at the end of your bio that you would like your mentee to know about you.

6. LinkedIn or Professional Social Media Page (Optional)

This will be shared with your public bio and headshot with the purpose of networking 
within the community.

*** Please email the following documents to to

complete your application. ***

  • Most recent CV/Resume (in PDF, DOC, or DOCX format)

  • A headshot picture to be posted with your bio

Contact for any questions​ or concerns​.

You have successfully submitted the application!

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