Equitable Distribution of the COVID-19 Vaccine

Why equitable distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine is needed?

The current short supply of COVID-19 vaccine limits who receives the vaccine. To further propagate this problem, the Hmong community with already long-standing health disparity faces more challenges accessing opportunities to the vaccine. In addition, the devastations from COVID-19 are disproportionately higher in the Hmong population. By allocating and providing vaccines to the Hmong community, we hope to offset the opportunity and care to that of the standard privilege.


In association with the Hmong 18 Council and Hmong Medical Association, HHCPC have submitted a letter of advocation to Governor Walz and the Commissioner's Office of the Minnesota Department of Health.

How will equitable distribution work?

The vaccine supply is neither steady nor readily predictable. We may only be given a short notice of one week for available vaccine allocated to us, therefore, you as the recipient may be given short notice as well.

By registering, you will be place into a database and triage. The ones most at risk for the complications of COVID-19 will be prioritize. Registration can be completed by:

1. Online registration here (click below);

2. Calling the hotline (123-456-7890) and speaking with the scheduler during open hours and/or leaving a message with the requested information (click here for more info)

3. We will proactively retrieve information about eligible Hmong patients and clients from participating institutions including Allina Health, HealthPartners, Fairview, ***; you will not need to re-register but can contact us to make sure that your information have been retrieved 

Please note that registration with us, HHCPC, is only for the vaccine batch that has been given to us and will not cross to other organizations who may also be providing the vaccine.

Once we have been notified that a batch of the vaccine has been allocated to us, we will call you if you are in the top priority to either [1] schedule an appointment for the vaccination or [2] be place on the waiting list to be call and come in on the day of vaccination if a slot becomes available due to no show from another registrant who had been scheduled.


The number of registrants called will depend on how much vaccine we are given, which may vary.


***Be aware that a slot cannot be save for those uncertain about commitment.

We will not be accepting calls to schedule an appointment.***

Who will be working?

The vaccine will be given by ***. The entire process of registration and coordination is done by volunteers who dedicate their personal time to help the community. These volunteers include doctors, social workers, therapists, program coordinators, students, and community members. As such, only with adequate manpower can we complete the tasks. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please sign up here.

--At this time, please fill out the form only if you meet the vaccine criteria Phase 1b or Phase 1c--